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14 June 1985
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Job: Forensic Technologist (though I have a strong background in microbiology)

Grad School: UNT Health Science Center 2009- Present (Master of Public Health: Epidemiology)
Undergrad: UNT Dec. 2003-2009 B.S. in Biology and minors in French and Chemistry

I do it, not as often as I'd like but I at least once or twice a year.
An example would be Izangai from Persona 4:

Another passion I have is for BJDs (Asian Ball Jointed Dolls) to which I often make clothes for. Its really exciting seeing a doll come together to be just the way you imagined. ^____^
I currently have seven dolls:

Rion - Dream of Doll DoC Wi
Cain - Dream of Doll DoC Wi (yes they're twins)
Dorothy - Fairyland MNF Marcia
Lilia - Soom Kyrie
Kanon - Dream of Doll DoT Homme Ducan
Miyavi - Minimee Miyavi
Arimin - Dream of Doll DoI A&D

I heart lolita so much. I love the frills, the lace, the ruffles. I really love feeling pretty while being modestly dressed. I honestly believe that its what's left to the imagination that is sexy. Since I'm taller and bustier it is often difficult for me to be able to find brand lolita that will fit, so I often make my own. I also really like to put an outfit together.
Here is an example of an outfit I put together. Its offbrand (one of my first lolita pieces before I knew exactly what was what) with stockings, otk socks and chunky boots to create one of my favorite punk lolita outfits. ^_^